World building… oh wait, who am I kidding?

August 24, 2008 at 6:53 pm (fiction, motivations, nonfiction, writing) (, , , , , , )

So this past week has not exactly been filled with creativity on my part. I’m headed to PAX this week, and as usual I am nervous about traveling. Figuring out bus routes in a city I’ve never visited just stresses me out, as does trying to get every liquid I might need into some 3oz. container in a Ziploc bag, and remembering to pack enough socks, and what if it’s hotter than I thought it would be, etc.

This means that a majority of my brain cycles are being chewed up by practical details, and it’s really hard for me to get off that train and onto creative thoughts. It’s a great state for doing nonfiction and thinking of article ideas to pitch — every worry is a potential topic. But if I try to work on Asgildir, my brain simply refuses to focus and I’m jolted back to biting my nails and trying to remember where I put my travel toothbrush case. This is seriously annoying but I’ve decided to just let it slide, and take advantage of the seemingly endless fountain of article topics. After the trip, when I can relax again, I can revisit and flesh out the world I’ve been creating. But right now, even my dreams are practical — I always seem to be at the airport, or meeting someone for dinner at an agreed-upon time, or something else equally mundane.

Do any of you ever have this problem, where real-life anxiety prevents you from exploring your imagination?



  1. RG Sanders said,

    My son is eight and my daughter one. I’m a part-time worker of society and a full-time father. We have bills to pay in an economy that’s shit on us all and our neighbour is a little wacky.

    Yes, yes anxiety gets to us all I imagine. I learn to deal with at certain times then turn it all off. It hinders my imagination, but then I hinder it right back by forcing time to stop and all the cares to go away until I am happy with what I have written.

    Writer Power!

  2. Will said,

    Specifically regarding trip anxiety:

    I make a list of things I’ll need, including clothes. I check the weather for the city in advance. I print out google maps, or (better) commit relevant streets to memory. I pack a couple days ahead of time. Otherwise, my brain totally goes around and around in circles, too.

    But glad to hear I’m not the only one with this type of crazy. 😉


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