Thanks for taking the time to drop by. This site is primarily about my writing, although I reserve the right to go off on tangents. Keeps it interesting, don’t you know? I am a freelance writer and, in my spare time, a novelist.

I currently write for the Azeroth Advisor, a subscription-based newsletter for World of Warcraft players. Yes, I play WoW. I also enjoy writing about things I enjoy: food, cooking, knitting, gardening, language, and almost anything that teaches me something new. I’ve got an extensive background in customer service and I like to think this gives me an edge in writing informative, instructional articles.

I’m also drawn to writing fiction, and currently I have a story in my head that’s fighting to get out. I’m working on worldbuilding and characterization, because I’m not quite sure yet how things unfold. It’s a lot of fun creating a world very nearly from scratch – really!

I hope you’ll find something interesting here, and I promise not to talk about my cats. Well, not too much, anyway. Welcome!

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